Monday, August 2, 2010

Backyard Update--August 2010

It has been just over a year since I moved into my house and I have been extremely busy fixing up the place (it was a REPO and had a lot of fixing up to do). My primary target has been the yard--My grandparents always had nice gardens that I enjoyed growing up and my mother has always done well with her own garden. Add to that my travels through Europe and viewing various gardens (particularly the gardens as Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden) and I knew that I wanted to have a nice garden of my own. When I purchased my house, it was the size of the backyard lot that sold me on it--there was so much that I envisioned that I could do with it. All of my cash investments and physical labor is now paying off as I finally have the yard that I had envisioned just over a year ago! I hope that you enjoy the pictures, and, of course, I would love to have all of my family and friends over for a BBQ or something of the like, so whether you are visiting from out of state or are a friend who is over on a weekly basis, please come enjoy good eats, good company, and a cozy yard (I think it is time to set up the volleyball net, fire up the jacuzzi, and have a little fun). If you would like to see the transition just scroll down through previous posts and you will see the progression as the yard was developed (see posts on April 18, 2010 and November 19, 2009). It has come a long way from it all just being dead grass that I tore up and then just having a lot of dirt. The earliest pictures that I have are after I had already marked out the border with edging stone I had purchased and the stones for the walkway--I should have taken some pictures when there was nothing back there but the lamppost and a whole lot of dirt!
p.s. A special thanks to all of my family and friends who have helped to make this possible.