Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Best Album of 2009

There were a lot of great albums released in 2009: R√łyksopp, a-ha, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Imogen Heap, just to name a few. But one album is far superior to them all: Declaration of Dependence by Kings of Convenience. It isn't the most "trendy" music and it will not get a lot of air time on the radio, but as far as talent, both musically and lyrically, there is nothing better. Below are the songs from the new album--take a listen and then go out and buy the album for yourself--you will not regret it!

"What we built is bigger than the sum of two. But some where I lose count of my own. And some how I must find it alone."

Mrs. Cold
"Hey baby, Mrs. Cold. Acting so tough, I didn't know you had it in you to be hurt at all"

Me In You
"Crossroads and given the option to pass and look back at goals we've missed. Rainbows or burning bridges, if you squint a little more they look the same."

Boat Behind
"So we meet again after several years, several years of separation."

Rule My World
"Only someone who is morally superior can possibly and honestly deserve to rule my world."

My Ship Isn't Pretty
"The sky was the blankest sheet. We drew lines upon it so our thoughts could meet."

"Why are you whispering when the bombs are falling? Go easy on me, I can't help what I'm doing."

Power Of Not Knowing
"The bigger blessing girl is being young--the power of not knowing where you belong. I tried so hard to keep it, not to lose that secret, waiting for someone like you to come along."

Peacetime Resistance
"We've got four eyes, so why yearn for one perspective?"

Freedom And Its Owner
"Freedom, freedom never greater than its owner. Freedom is the mastery of the known."

Riot On An Empty Street
"My life, it's a riot, I am climbing barricades in empty streets at night."

Second To Numb
"He won't touch you anymore, staying at his side. Half indifferent, half afraid it will only make you cry."

Scars On Land
"We take what's dead and breath life in"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So, it finally happened this year. . .

Once every school year it happens. It is inevitable. It is only a matter of when. . . and when arrived today. . . at the end of 5th period. . .

Scene: Mr. Hall's 5th period English Language Arts classroom. Students are busily working on the assignment with ten minutes left of class time.

STUDENT A: Mr. Hall, what religion are you?

MR. HALL: Why do you want to know?

STUDENT A: I was talking with some friends about you today and they said some things.

MR. HALL: What did they say?

STUDENT A: They said that they think you are Mormon or something.

MR. HALL: Interesting.

STUDENT A: So, are you Mormon or something?

MR. HALL: Yes, I am Mormon or something.

STUDENT A: So you don't celebrate Christmas?!

MR. HALL: I celebrate Christmas.

STUDENT A: But you are Mormon. . . Mormons aren't allowed to do a lot of things.

MR. HALL: People have a lot of misconceptions about Mormons.

STUDENT B: Mr. Hall, you are Mormon.

MR. HALL: Yes.

STUDENT C: So you celebrate Hanukkah?

MR. HALL: No, I celebrate Christmas.

STUDENT C: O, you celebrate Christmas, Mr. Hall.

MR. HALL: Yes.

[Students begin to chat on that side of the room. Suddenly STUDENT D calls MR. HALL to the other side of the room]

STUDENT D: Mr. Hall!

MR. HALL: Yes.

STUDENT D: You are Mormon?

MR. HALL: Yes.

STUDENT D: Mormons don't have sex before they are married, right?

MR. HALL: Correct, if they are practicing their religion.

STUDENT D: Mr. Hall, are you married?


STUDENT D smiles.


*Other students were not paying attention to STUDENT D's questions and thus missed the connection. In past years students have been slow to make the connection (Mr. Hall is mormon--pause--mormons don't have sex outside of marriage--pause--Mr. Hall isn't married--pause--*LIGHT BULB MOMENT*. . . Mr Hall is a virgin. *Laughter*).