Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Washington Coast

. . . Upon leaving Olympic National Park I headed south on Hwy 101 straight down the Washington Coast. The seascapes were quite impressive with the lush vegetation leading right up to the shore. The rocky shoreline is a sight to see and the haystacks in the sea are always impressive. I stopped by several lighthouses, touring one of them and photographing each that I saw. The most intriguing area was at the border of Washington and Oregon where the Columbia River empties out into the open sea. At this location there have been over 200 shipwrecks and more than 700 people have lost their lives. This is due to the strong currents where river and ocean exert their force upon one another, and the heavy winds that exist in this region (and yes, the winds were quite strong and quite chilly to my surprise). Couple that with the rocky shorelines and disaster is waiting to happen. Hence, there are two lighthouses within a few miles of one another in this region. . .


Ana said...

aaahhh, lighthouses...i have a really soft spot for them!
the pictures are just great...the fourth one is my absolute favourite...the view is just amazing!

Nicole Bullock said...

Excellent photos! It makes me homesick for my youth in the Northwest. Sounds like you had quite an adventure!

BTW, I nominated you for a fake blogging award. Congrats!