Thursday, February 5, 2009

America's Political Change: A New Party in Power--The Same Corruption and Stupidity

Politicians are an interesting breed. They have buried deep in the recesses of their own psyche a self delusion that allows them to magically forget that they have been elected to serve the people of the United States of America. Rather, they feel that by being elected, the American people have allowed them to look to personal interests and force the American people to serve the politicians' own desires. One would think that politicians would learn from the failures of previously elected officials, but no, in their narcissism, they believe that they are immune where others failed.
Take the current political situation in America. We are in a financial crisis. The American people have made sweeping changes to the electorate, offering the Democratic party an opportunity to control the branches of government. The American people are thinking that the Republicans had an opportunity to live up to their promises and failed, so lets give the Democrats a try. The problem, instead of learning from the failures of the Republicans, the Democrats are making extremely poor decisions.
Two key examples are the Obama Administration's desire to offer cabinet level positions to political allies that have broken laws for which average Americans would be brought to trial, and the Democratic Congress and Senate's push for an outrageous "Stimulus" bill. In the first case, Obama has attempted to defend his political friends, to whom he has offered cabinet positions, stating that what they have done (tax evasion) is no big deal, yet he expects the average American to be "patriotic" by paying higher taxes in order to meet the needs of government. Of course, once he learned that the American people saw right through his hypocrisy he began to speak of his moral decision to have his friends withdraw their nominations from the process. This is the exact corruption that the American people were hoping Obama would transcend--it has proven to be quite disappointing for those who shared the "audacity of hope" that Obama frequently championed on the campaign trail. Further corruption by the Democrats is evidenced by their push to pass a Stimulus Bill for the American people. The speak of it as if it must be passed now or the whole country will crumble economically and we will never recover (a true apocalypse that far surpasses the Great Depression) and that they are doing it for the good of the American people and their economy. Unfortunately for these Democrats, the majority of Americans see through their smoke and mirrors, recognizing that they are using the term "Stimulus" as a cover for "Spending Bill." Instead of truly being concerned with what will benefit the American people, the Bill focuses on Democratic special interests--things that will not benefit the economy or the average American but will benefit those who voted for the Democratic party. It is exactly this type of political stupidity that has turned the American people against the Republicans and now that we have elected the Democrats in the hopes to overcome this stupidity, they are doing the same thing, only spending far more than the Republicans ever proposed.
This is sad really. All Americans should be outraged by this phony "Stimulus" Bill. I think that it is high time we elect new blood in both the Republican and Democratic Parties--fresh faces with fresh ideas from among the ranks of average American citizens rather than this life-long politicians who give us smiles and kisses to our faces and offer us the finger behind our backs. Remember this over the course of the next few election cycles. We need to take back our government or create a new party that will do the bidding and the interest of the American people, not the bidding of politicians which will injure our nation.

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Jennette said...

I agree that there are some serious issues with the stimulus package. Democratic Californian senators have argued against it. The President has criticized Republicans for wanting to "whittle" down the package. Many senators have said that they haven't had the plan broken down to specifics for them. With "rumors" of plans for stimulus package money being spent on things like waterslides for city parks and ATV trails, I would be a bit skeptical myself. It just doesn't make sense (and cents, sorry for the pun)to me as the optimal solution for a financial crisis.