Sunday, November 15, 2009

If You Were Me. . .

I am excited for Thanksgiving week to come along. This year I get a whole week off of work with which to celebrate the holiday. Can you believe that? A whole week to do whatever I want in November. . . this is truly one of the luxuries of my job. So this is where you come in. Having never had a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, I can't quite make up my mind as to what to do with my time. Below is a list of ideas that I have and I would like your help in deciding what to do. So please read through my ideas and let me know, if you were me, what you would do (leave a comment with your suggestion)? :)

ROAD TRIP TO SAN FRANCISCO: I have a good friend who lives just outside of the city and another friend in the city itself. It would be nice to visit these friends and to explore the city itself. I suppose that this trip would place me in touristy mode while allowing me to further develop my friendships.

ROAD TRIP TO SALT LAKE CITY: I haven't been to Utah since a brief weekend trip at the beginning of Summer to visit my ailing grandmother. I have not been back since she passed away. This would give me the opportunity to visit relatives and friends who live in the area, and if I am lucky they will have some snow and I can attempt to go cross-country skiing.

ROAD TRIP/CAMPING TO DEATH VALLEY: I've never been to Death Valley and it is on my list of places to visit. I suppose I will freeze my butt off this time of year, but it is better than roasting to death in the summertime. It would be interesting to visit the park and I imagine that I could find a place to go camping along the way.

EXPLORING GRAND GULCH: This trip will take me into the wilderness of Southeastern Utah up Grand Gulch Canyon where there are no hiking trails or campgrounds that I am aware of. It will be true back-country camping as I wander bear-grylls-like through canyons where indian ruins are supposed to be. It will be awesome to check out these old sites and to have an adventure wandering in the middle of nowhere for days and just throwing down my camping gear wherever I can find a flat place to sleep for the night. My only real concerns will be freezing my butt off and trying to find my way back to my car. . . but what an ADVENTURE!!!

EXPLORING GERONIMO'S OLD HIDE OUT: I have no idea where this location is (other than somewhere around the New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico border) but I would like to research it and go back-country hiking/camping in search of the famed hide-out where the last free indians evaded both U.S. and Mexican troops in their hopes to live life free and according to their own will.

STAY HOME AND VISIT WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Going nowhere is always an option, though not as exciting, unless I am using the time to visit friends and family, doing things to have fun or strengthen our relationships. I could always couple this with local adventures: hiking, kayaking, day trips, museums, local camping, etc.

OTHER: If you have any other ideas or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.


Amanda said...

I must say that my votes go to San Francisco, Utah or staying at home. The only reason is that for me, Thanksgiving is all about people. You can hike by yourself any old time, though the week long break would be nice for that.
Final vote goes to San Francisco. Whatever you do, I'll be looking forward to some fun pictures.
Hey, do you have more garden, home pictures to share?

Rachel said...

The idea of not being around friends and family on Thanksgiving makes me a little sad. And also, I HATE being cold when I'm camping. There is nothing more miserable to me then being awake in a tent in the dark and shivering. In fact, I'm thinking of tropical islands right now to counteract the flashbacks I'm having. So, based strictly on my own opinion (which, let's face it, is VASTLY important to you), I would say SF, Utah or home.

Jennette said...

As if my 100 reasons for visiting El Paso weren't enough?? Just kidding. :)I have to agree that this is a good time to get together with family and friends, but you might be able to combine some of the ideas if you have the time off early in the week. I'm going to Utah myself for Thanksgiving and looking forward to some fall colors and/or snow. I've done the triangle roadtrip of San Francisco to Utah before (with a stop in Yosemite)and it's kinda cool. Hope you have fun!

Mr. Hall said...

Thanks ladies! For the record, I do plan on being home (at my parents) for Thanksgiving Day (I technically have five days off before Thanksgiving itself and figured I could get a little adventure in). It looks like I will be local for the most part--I've got a friend who is wanting to either go camping this weekend or take a quick road trip, so I will probably do that to kick things off. Still need to figure out Monday through Wednesday though. . . hmmm. . .
I do have more garden pictures--I will blog about them as soon as I am done writing this comment (so you will most likely see them before you ever read this).
Of course your opinion is vastly important to me. . . after all, you are the one I take along with me when I purchase expensive wardrobes.
I do need to make a trip out to El Paso. . . maybe when things warm up! :)

hesshouse said...