Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vote Boxer Out!

There comes a time when a career politician must call it quits. While Barbara Boxer will not admit that this is the time for her to give it up, we as California citizens can take matters into our own hands and give her her walking papers. Whatever happens this election cycle, nothing would make me more happy than to see Barbara Boxer lose. It is necessary for the health of California and for the nation. Boxer is not representing California's needs and Democrats are not helping the nation while they are in power. We need to balance power by giving control of the House and Senate to Republicans while the Presidency is Democrat.
Furthermore, if you look at Barbara Boxer's advertisements and logic you will easily recognize that she is really out of touch and afraid to run on her own record. She is dodging the issues by brining up things such as abortion. Abortion? Really Barbara Boxer, abortion? You think that that is the issue everybody is worried about in the current condition of our country? And Boxer's television ad: "Fiorina wants to open off shore drilling and that will cost us jobs." What planet do you live on Boxer? I can understand you not wanting to drill off shore, but to say that off shore drilling will create job loss is ludicrous! If anything, it would create jobs!
Please, California, show up to vote on Tuesday and vote against Barbara Boxer--it is time to kick her sorry but out of office! Carly Fiorina US Senate 2010!

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