Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Christian Democrats

I have just finished reading the Norwegian Newspapers on-line and took a survey on my political views as they pertain to Norway. If I were living in Norway and was involved in the countries politics, the formulation from the survey states that I would most likely be a member of the Christian Democratic Party. The results page of the survey describe the Christian Democrats in brief: "Another party in the center, promoting Christian values. The party is anti-abortion, anti-poverty and pro-family." The breakdown is as follows:
The Christian Democrats: 47%
The Progress Party: 37%
The Liberal Party: 32%
The Conservative Party: 28%
The Labour Party: 28%
The Center Party: 15%
The Socialist Left Party: 13%
The Reds: 10%

I am assuming that the percentage is reflecting how many of my answers fit into the specific party's platform. The spectrum is probably so wide because of a number of reasons based on issues dealing with Norway. In the United States, I belong to the Republican Party, but I would consider myself a moderate republican, simply because I am more interested in issues than I am with party affiliation. I tend to agree with republicans on more issues, but I don't agree with everything on their platform.

*The following is a brief description of the parties according to
The Labour Party
The Labour Party: A social democratic party that embraces solidarity and believes the public sector should play a vigorous role in society.
The Progress Party
The Progress Party: Norway's most conservative party, it believes the public sector should play a smaller role in society. It urges tax cuts and restraints on immigration.
The Conservative Party
The Conservative Party: Traditionally the major rival of Labour, the Conservatives promote freedom of choice, more competition within the private sector, and tax relief.
Liberal Party
The Liberal Party: One of Norway's more right-leaning "center" parties that supports tax relief but also a strong public sector, liberalized immigration and environmental protection measures.
The Socialist Left Party
The Socialist Left Party: More left-leaning than Labour, the Socialist Left supports high taxes and fees to finance a vast array of social services.
The Christian Democrats
The Christian Democrats: Another party in the center, promoting Christian values. The party is anti-abortion, anti-poverty and pro-family.
The Center Party
The Center Party: Champion of Norway's farmers and support to the country's rural districts, this party wants less free-market influence and more public sector control of society.
The Reds
The Reds: Formed by a merger of parties including Rød Valgallianse and Norway's communist party (AKP), it wants to break down class differences and promote social equality.

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