Thursday, June 5, 2008

Enjoy That Humble Pie!!!

I'm a Laker fan and a believer that the Lakers are going to win the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, but I must admit that tonight, Boston owned Los Angeles. The Celtic's Defense was amazing and they have a lot more hustle in them then do the Lakers.
The story of the night is Kobe Bryant. In the pre-game show the sports analysts were comparing him to Michael Jordan and Kobe himself, in no uncertain terms, has stated that he is on Jordan's level. I hate to break it to you Kobe--you are no Michael Jordan! I can't recall Jordan ever getting owned the way that Kobe did tonight. All the hype and conventional wisdom said that Kobe would take over any close game in the fourth quarter. What really happened. . . Kobe choked. Instead of looking like Michael Jordan, he looked like Tracy McGrady--a no-show in the fourth quarter.
The good news. . . Kobe is no Tracy McGrady. He will bounce back from this fourth-quarter meltdown and will come back with a vengeance in game 2.
Go Lakers!!!
p.s. As much as I hate Boston, I love Boston's players. Kevin Garnett is simply awesome! I can't think of a more intense player. A friend of mine, Liz Long, just texted me stating that KG looks like a fire-breathing velociraptor that eats kids for breakfast. Great description--Kudos to you Liz!!!

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Amy said...

I check out your blog every once in awhile...This post took me back to your house when a bunch of us got together and were crushed after watching the Lakers end their 3 year championship the Spurs?? I can't remember now. Anyway, its nice to see them back in the championship game again. I do have an issue though...I am also a huge Lakers Fan but love Kevin Garnett. I wouldn't be totally distraught if KG got his first maybe I'm not as big a Laker fan as I thought???? Disturbing..