Friday, September 26, 2008


"Relatively" is nothing
More than perceived perspectives
Flaunting vain comparisons
To endless examples of the unknown.
I am average.
Everything points to this fact--
One is more this. . .
One is more that. . .
Relatively speaking
I am nothing
More than what one chooses to believe.
I am a million souls
To a million minds!
I am a hundred souls
To a hundred minds!
(I'd be lucky to have that many thoughts utter my name).
My friends are few,
But faithful.
So many fear in life to be a molecule:
One drop within an endless sea!
I embrace my mediocrity,
Knowing it is relative,
But it is mine.
And relatively speaking,
My mind relates the greatest judgment to my soul.

--Brett Hall
October 26, 2007


Rachel said...

Hmm...This seems to be a theme lately - coming to terms with who you are.

Nice work.

Liz W. said...

My favorite lines "I embrace my mediocrity,/knowing it is relative, / But it is mine."

So true!