Friday, October 31, 2008

Offensive Ads

I know that I had promised that my next blog would be about how same-sex marriage would fundamentally change society, and I will address that this weekend, but at the moment there is one issue that I feel I must address immediately--the most recent advertisements for the "No on Proposition 8" campaign. I am not sure if anyone else has seen the most recent ads, but I was appalled by their content when I saw them televised while watching the news last night.
There are two new ads running which literally left me shocked and entirely offended. I cannot imagine any decent person with a brain not being offended by these ads. Let me explain.
The first of the two ads has Senator Diane Feinstein speaking of how she has seen discrimination before and that anyone who votes "Yes" on prop 8 is simply discriminatory. The second ad shows Japanese-Americans in internment (concentration) camps, followed by footage of physical abuses of African Americans in the 60s during the civil rights movement, while the commentator speaks of the discrimination of all who support a "Yes" vote on prop 8.
I take great offense to this message and find it quite hypocritical of those who are airing it. Essentially, they are saying anyone who supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman is morally equivalent with racists and xenophobes who have beaten and incarcerated people. I cannot understand how the average citizen would not be deeply offended by this comparison. Anyone who feels that a child should have the right to have a mother and a father is now considered a vile monster of the worst sorts? Unbelievable!
These ads promote hate and anger towards those who support a "Yes" vote on proposition 8. Quite ironic considering that it is coming from a campaign that claims to promote tolerance.
I shall be waiting for the "No on 8" campaign to start running ads against both Barack Obama and John McCain, considering they both support traditional marriage as being between a man and a woman. After all, how can we have someone in the office of the Presidency who would be so morally corrupt!
And what about the rest of America? I suppose that the majority of Americans are morally corrupt for believing marriage to be a sacred institution designed for a man and a woman.
I honestly believe that these latest ads will backfire on their own campaign as most Californians will recognize the vitriol and intellectual dishonesty behind it. If not, then let this be a warning to the rest of America--anyone who believes in tradional values will be demonized and will be discriminated against by those who pretend to irradicate such discrimination.
I seriously cannot understand how people who promote family values which actually support and build up a positive influence in society can be deemed evil. . . A great example of calling good evil. . . I guess that I have to hand it to the "No on prop 8" campaign on this one issue--they certainly know how to fulfill scripture!

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