Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes on California Proposition 8

Back in March I learned of a California Supreme Court ruling that overturned the vote of California citizens in 2000 that established marriage in California as being only between a man and a woman. I wrote a blog that addressed the issue, pointing out the danger of courts legislating from the bench and making the case that same-sex marriage is inappropriate. This blog may be viewed here.
There has been much said about proposition 8 from both proponents and opponents of the proposition. The latest ads from those who are promoting gay marriage is that those who are promoting traditional marriage are using scare tactics to sway voters opinions. What the "Yes on Proposition 8" coalition is highlighting is, in fact, scary for our society, but it is true. Hence it is not truly a scare tactic--it is the truth. This video presents the reality of what will happen if same-sex marriage is legalized. It is an actual account of what has happened in Massachusetts where same-sex marriage has already been legalized.
Furthermore, we can see how the issue is already affecting education in California as is seen in this article.
Make sure that you are informed and vote according to knowledge that you have gained, not just on people pulling on the heart-strings for couples to be "happy." I guarantee that there have been plenty of happy gay and lesbian couples throughout history who have been such without being married (I have a hard time believing that gay and lesbian couples in the past have been moping around in some sort of depression because they were not married).
Vote YES on proposition 8--it is not discriminatory--it is simply protecting our own values and beliefs.

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