Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It Is A Beauteous Evening

Of all the poets throughout all of the ages of time, none have a more dear place in my heart than William Wordsworth. His ability to capture the simple, the subtle, the moment and to make it all so profound is an amazing talent which allows my mind to feast and my heart to rejoice. I should like to share one of his sonnets: "It Is A Beauteous Evening." And seeing that it is Veterans' Day, I should like to thank all those who have served our great country and have sacrificed so that we as human beings could have such moments of serenity. Now, before the purists attack me for using an English poet from the 19th century to show gratitude for God, life, and the service of our soldiers both present and past, let me state that Wordsworth captures the human condition that extends beyond country and age. Just as Wordsworth states, "God being with [us] when we know it not," so is the peace and freedoms that we enjoy as Americans due to our service men. . . even when we do not recognize that it is their sacrifices that have made it possible for us to enjoy our freedoms, along with the hand of the Almighty looking over us. Let us ever be grateful to those willing to sacrifice their lives for their countrymen, to our God who gives us life and freedom to live as we choose, for nature to enjoy, and great poetry to remind us of the finer things of life.

It is a beauteous Evening, calm and free;
The holy time is quiet as a Nun
Breathless with adoration; the broad sun
Is sinking down it its tranquillity;
The gentleness of heaven is on the Sea:
Listen! the mighty being is awake
And doth with his eternal motion make
A sound like thunder--everlastingly.
Dear Child! dear Girl! that walkest with me here,
If thou appear untouched by solemn thought,
Thy nature is not therefore less divine:
Thou liest in Abraham's bosom all the year;
And worshipp'st at the Temple's inner shrine,
God being with thee when we know it not.

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