Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Truly Disturbing Ad

Regardless of your political persuasion or personal beliefs, any reasonable thinking human being would be offended by the content of this ad. It is discriminatory in nature and falsely attacks mormons with an inaccurate stereotype. If you do not recognize the offensive nature of this ad, simply plug in your own religion, race, or cause, and think about what the ad is saying regarding your own free speech. It is true that many mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) have contributed to the "Yes" on 8 campaign, but they are not the only ones. Additionally, if "Yes" on Prop 8 passes it will be due to the vote of each Californian--the overwhelming majority of which are not mormon. Furthermore, what does it matter what religious persuasion an American citizen happens to be? Aren't we all entitled to support the causes that we feel are just? Needless to say, in this ad two men (who are dressed to resemble mormon missionaries) force their way into a lesbian couple's home and ransack their belongings. It speaks of them taking away rights and looking for what other rights they may deny individuals. Now imagine if it were catholics and they had a priest invading the home. Or Christian with a pastor invading a home. Or Muslim with a cleric invading the home. Or Jewish with a rabbi invading the home. Would this not be offensive? Would it not be an attempt to silence the rights of individuals or groups to express an opinion and fight for a cause? Let's look at it from another angle. What if there was a commercial with a gay or lesbian couple breaking into a family's home and tearing children away from their parents with the caption: "gays and lesbians are attempting to destroy families--say no to gay and lesbian activists from taking over your government." Would this not be extremely offensive? This ad is reminiscent of the old Nazi propoganda demonizing Jews. The demonzing of a group has to begin somewhere and always plays upon the fears of others. It is the mormons now. If we do not stand up and condemn such propaganda, who will be next?

*Here are a few pictures that I am adding to this particular post, dated 11-6-08. As we see in these photos, those who claim tolerance and acceptance are not very tolerant or accepting in return. Here they are targeting mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) due to many of the church members' support of proposition 8. Interesting to note that mormons only make up 2% of the population in California and they are an easy target or scapegoat. These crowds are acting on the general mistrust of the population regarding the faith of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These protests that gay and lesbian activists are having throughout California is truly bringing out their true colors. They are certainly changing public opinion through their actions, but I don't think they are changing that opinion in the way that they would like.


Nicole said...

What on earth? That's horrible, and the facts taken out of context. The LDS church is not the only one supporting Prop 8...and seeing from the polling results this morning, it appears over 4 million support Prop 8.

Jennette said...

I was also appalled when I first came across this video (it was emailed, but my father had seen it on televison earlier). This was nothing more than a malicious, desperate, last-minute effort to promote a cause at the lowest level.
The opponents of Proposition 8 should stand up to the group that is portraying their cause in such an offensive manner.
I think the television stations who aired this commercial should be ashamed of themselves and be held accountable as well. The money that they accepted to show this commercial is dirty; no cleaner than a pus-soaked sponge retrieved from the biohazard waste bag of a county hospital. (A little graphic, I know, but I wanted to express my point). If you know which stations aired it, please let me know as I will personally write to them.
I am hoping this commercial did work against this group and that the decent Californians who saw it looked right past their message and saw the vile, hatred that it is.

Everyone, no matter what the issue, is entitled to a civil poltical debate and this group broke that right.

*I have also heard that this video can be flagged on YouTube for promoting hatred and violence. Just to pass the word along.