Monday, January 19, 2009

Requesting A Little Feedback. . .

So, I am fast approaching my 100th post (4 more away) and have noticed on many of the blogs of my friends that they have done a special "Top 100" of something on their 100th post. I figure that I will do the same, but the question remains, what will be the subject of my "Top 100" list?
And this is where you come in. . .
I have already toyed with the idea and have come up with a few possible subjects for the list. I would like you to suggest any possible subjects or to vote upon the ones I have listed. I figure that I may as well give my readers what they want, so you will decide upon the subject of the list. Keep in mind, you may certainly vote for your own idea or any other ideas that people have posted in the comment box.
Thanks for your time and input on the matter.

My possible lists:

--My 100 favorite songs
--My 100 favorite bands
--My 100 top destinations for travel
--My 100 favorite quotes
--100 observations of life (or 100 things that I have learned in my life)
--My 100 most embarrassing or stupid moments
--My 100 favorite books, poems, and plays
--100 things I am most grateful for
--100 people I would like to meet
--My 100 favorite movies
--My 100 most fascinating or influential moments in life
--My 100 fondest memories

Please take a minute to either suggest a new category or vote on what has been presented (either from my list or others' suggestions)

*p.s. I am thinking it is time for a new hairstyle too. Any suggestions (keeping in mind, I have fine, straight hair)?


Quixotic Healer said...

I vote for either your favorite books/poems/plays or influential moments.

You could even put the moments in chronological order, making a short history of yourself.


Nicole said...

100 reasons that Nicole is the best!


100 favorite songs. I'm sure that you didn't even scratch the surface with your life soundtrack.

Ms. Liz said...

I think the 100 most important things you've learned up to this point would be cool. Fondest memories would be awesome too. Or 100 reasons why I've had the bestest life ever.

And in terms of haircuts this could work.

notthenotthenotthecatfoodthedogfood said...

I have been checking your blog thing for months, I guess you can't write comments unless you make your own I made one just so I can vote, I really hope you do the 100 song thing...especially after all of my hard work making a blog name and stuff...the end. K this is starting to get irritating, there is a word below this box i'm writing in, the box below the word asks "word verification", i've never heard of these words before so I keep typing "no", then the word changes to another word. What the heck does billygas mean? I'm gonna try saying yes this time.

Liz W. said...

I'm not going to be too helpful because I think all of your ideas are wonderful.

In fact, I'm impressed that you can think of 100 favorite quotes or 100 people you'd like to meet.

So, pick any one, and I'll read it. Actually, you could write on all of them! Just a thought...

Jennette said...

I would vote for fascinating/ influential moments as my first choice, fondest memories maybe second, but all of the rest would be pretty good too. Like Liz W., I am also immpressed that you could come up with 100 people/movies/and quotes. All of the suggestions would make great posts. I look forward to reading what you come up with!

Rachel said...

How about you do a combo of all of all those things that add up 100.

Or you could do 100 flavors of cookies you would bring your downstairs neighbor.

notthenotthenotthecatfoodthedogfood said...

What about 100 favorite top 100 subjects? #1 should be 100 favorite songs. it's moooooolicious and nuuuuuuuutritious

wakkadoo said...
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wakkadoo said...

Hey Mr. Hall, Jose Delgado here and I am here to help. I believe that you should choose a list of your 100 most favorite quotes. Here is a quote to get you started...

"I throughly disapprovee of duels, if a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him."
- Mark Twain

Of course there is alway the list of your 100 observations of life. I would very much like to see what your viewpoint in life is and I hope to learn something from it, not that I am uneducated in that aspect because believe me, I observe life, people and nature like there is nothing else to the world.