Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Albums!!! Exciting Times!!!

So I feel like a giddy schoolboy anticipating Christmas day! I have recently learned that two of my favorite bands are releasing new albums and I cannot wait to purchase the music. In the meantime, it is as if the music is nicely wrapped in Christmas paper and I have quietly stolen away under the Christmas tree to peel back the wrapping to see what is inside--I can thank youtube for allowing me a peak. :)
The first band is my all-time favorite: a-ha. Their album "Foot of the Mountain" has already been released in Germany (they have a German label) and will be released in the UK in just a couple of days. a-ha has always produced excellent music and in my opinion have gotten better and better as the years have passed. Check out the music video for "Foot of the Mountain" (an excellent song from the new album):

a-ha consist of the three original band members and various other musicians that contribute to their work. The three original members are Morten Harket, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, and Magne Furuholmen. "Foot of the Mountain" is a re-working of one of Magne Furuholmen's songs from his solo project. The original song is called "The Longest Night" and can be viewed here:

The interesting thing with a-ha is that all three members embark on their own side projects and then come back together to create work for a-ha. They often times will borrow ideas and songs from their side work, as is seen from the previous youtube posting. Needless to say, I am super excited to purchase the new album (and if you like a-ha and Magne f, you need to check out Savoy--Paul Waaktaar-Savoy's band--"Whalebone" is an excellent song off of their album "Songbook")!

Another of my favorite bands is Kings of Convenience. They have not released an album in 5 years, which has been driving me crazy as I love their music and style (If they keep produce music over the next 25 years like a-ha has done, they have the potential of one day becoming my all-time favorite, but it will be difficult to unseat a-ha from that standing). What has helped over that period of time is the fact that Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe have both been working on side projects of their own. Best known would be Erlend's work with a band called The Whitest Boy Alive (he has also done some electronic music under his own name). As much as I like WBA, it doesn't touch KOC. Anyhow, KOC's album is scheduled for release this coming Autumn, but once more, youtube has given us a little offering of their new music. This song is titled "Mrs. Cold" (such a great song):

Needless to say, I am bubbling over with excitement with all of this new music coming out (I've heard that Acid House Kings are also supposed to be coming out with a new album--how awesome will that be!). Hooray for a-ha and KOC!

And just to tide you over, here is a song by "The Whitest Boy Alive" called "Figures":

Oh, and I almost forgot, here we can see an example in style and tribute--apparently, Kings of Convenience are also fans of a-ha. Manhattan Skyline was written and performed by a-ha back in the 80s. Kings of Convenience ended up covering it with their unique style. Check out the original by a-ha:

. . . and the cover by Kings of Convenience:

I hope that you have enjoyed these little clips of both new and old music. . . be sure to check out the new albums when they are released! :)


hesshouse said...

Nice, I am gonna go Limewire the Ah Ha now.

Melissa said...

Hi Brett! I got to your blog through a link on Todd & LynMarie's blog. I hope you still remember me - I was in the Claremont 3rd Ward and went to Scripps College. You even wrote to me when I was studying in China years ago. I have a blog, long and woefully neglected, but if you want to see it, email me at melimom at gmail. In any case, it will be nice to be back in touch.

Oh yeah, your garden sounds awesome!! We are loving our garden here, though I am envious of some of the things you are growing that wouldn't do so well out here where we are. :)