Monday, December 15, 2008

An Actor for Whom I Have Respect

As much as I enjoy entertainment such as plays, movies, and music, I am not the type of person who follows the entertainment media. As such, I really know little to nothing about various actors' and musicians' personal lives. Typically, the few that I learn a little about makes me like them less. The ideology, the politics, the attitude, the lifestyle, and etc., of many of these individuals that hail from the entertainment world tend to rub me the wrong way--it is often better to simply enjoy their acting or their music and let them to their own private lives. I'm sure that such stars would rather be left alone and I would rather not listen to their personal "expertise" on how one should live life.
Imagine then my surprise to find myself reading an article about an actor today. Of course, it isn't that surprising considering that the source by which I stumbled upon the article was realclearpolitics. I enjoy this website as it offers articles dealing with politics from various political persuasions (it is nice to see how democrats view republican issues, how democrats see democratic issues, how republicans view democratic issues, how republicans see republican issues, how independents. . . well, you get the picture). Needless to say, as I was perusing the site I saw a headline that caught my attention: Gary Sinise: A Man for all Services. I've always liked Gary Sinise as an actor but truly know nothing about Gary Sinise, the man. How interesting that his name should appear on real clear politics. I decided to click on the link and read the article, bracing myself for more disappointment with some looney actor with crazy and condescending political views. . . but no, quite the contrary. This was a story about a man, not an actor, who is doing what he feels is right, not to obtain positive press or personal glory, but because he is a human being and has compassion for other human beings. I was refreshed by this article. What a stand up guy who, whether he intends to or not, is living a Christlike life. There is no guile or pride seemingly in his actions. He isn't seeking the praise of men or the spotlight, but is simply taking a sincere interest in the lives of others. If only more people could get beyond the politics and the selfishness and do good because it is right.
I really like Gary Sinise, the actor. I especially like Gary Sinise, the man.

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Heath said...

I gotta confess: I used to be "in the know" of celebrity's lives. I'm very much not now. But I am always glad to hear that one of them is using their position and wealth for good, rather than for a joy ride.
And thanks for the link--Sounds like something I'll enjoy reading!