Friday, December 19, 2008

Should it Stay or Should it Go Now?

So, I have grown out my beard once more. I have been growing it long enough to where it looks good, but is at the point where it is either going to grow all-crazy-like or I have to groom it. So the question becomes: Is it time to shave it off? Here are the options as I see it:
1. Shave it all off and go with the clean look.
2. Shave it all off but keep the sideburns.
3. Shave it all off but keep the mustache (I imagine that would be hideous, but I've never done it before. . . hmmm. . .)
4. Shave it to look all white-trash (I'm thinking handle-bar mustache, or something of the likes).
5. Keep the beard, but groom it.
6. Keep the beard and just let it grow all gnarly.
7. Some option that somebody else can think of that I have not written.

So, now that the options are before you, I would like to know what you think. Leave a comment with your suggestion/request. :)

* p.s. I'm thinking I am going to grow my hair out. I've never tried long hair (of course, when I say grow my hair out, I don't mean really long--just longer than I have ever had it, which would be a mid-length cut for a guy).


Merrie said...
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Nicole said...

I think you should try the Brigham Young look. And while you're at it, see about marrying 23 wives

Jennette said...

I personally believe, in the majority of facial hair cases, that less is more. Options 1 and 2 are best (but no chops). #3 is "eh..." #4 and 6 is definately not. #5: I personally like the mid-grown beard, just not the full grown beard as much. #7: you could try the goatee/mustache combo or just a small goatee. Just NO soul patch. I do have feelings (recently discovered) against lower-lip hair.
But most importantly, do whatever makes you happy.
That is my $0.02.

Amanda said...

It has got to go!!! Don't do whatever makes you happy, do whatever makes the woman happy! :) (Sorry Jennette)
Although if you want to have a beard and fit in, just move up here to the frozen norh. As soon as men here see the first hint of snow, the beards come out in full force. They don't go away til spring. That is except in the Johnson home!

Rachel said...

Hooray for beards! I'm all for them. And the fuller the better, as long as they are nicely groomed. But I'm going to have to draw the line at the goatee suggestion from Jennette (gross). And, as your friend, I'm also going to try to disuade you from growing your hair out. I have found that it is always a bad idea when men try to go long if they don't have curly or wavy hair. They end up looking kind of creepy.

I also think a moustache would be hysterical and I love a good laugh so feel free to go along with that idea.

And if anyone wants to get me that poster of the heirarchy of beards, I would not be opposed. I would hang it up in my bathroom.

Mr. Hall said...

Merrie, that was a great post that you had for a day on your blog that you have since deleted--thank you.
Nicole, the Brigham Young Beard might be interesting, but I am having a hard enough time finding one wife, let alone twenty-three! I will be happy with just one, thanks. :)
Jennette, thanks for your two cents--I will spend it well.
Amanda, it is a good thing that you are already married as it seems that all of the single ladies are fine with my having a beard. As much as I respect your opinion, you are off the market and hence your vote only counts as a half vote. :)
Rachel, what a difference a year makes. . . just last year you were blogging about your dislike of beards. I'm glad that you have come around! And I think, just for you, when I do shave it off I am going to keep the mustache just for one day. . . I'll be sure to come a knocking on your door. . . :)

Merrie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Merrie said...

I put the posting back. Wasn't sure at first if it was appropriate. See my blog....

Quixotic Healer said...

Well, I'm also off the market, so I'll second Amanda and together we count as a whole vote (even though, I think you should only do what makes you happy).

Now, I am totally prejudiced against beards, but I don't hate them like I used to.

However, I still believe that there are only 3 men on earth who actually look better with facial hair than without.

They are: Carey Elwes, My Father-in-Law, and Commander Riker

Still, do what makes YOU happy (cause I'm still only half a vote, lol)

Amanda said...

I'm so sad to find out that I am only half a vote. It's a sad day, but not too sad, because John shaved his beard yesterday, so I won't spend too much time mourning. Gotta go make out! :)

Quixotic Healer said...

Y'know, after seeing the beard in all it's glory last week, I wanna give you a thumb's up.

I don't really like beards in general, but yours is decent! (That's quite a compliment from me, btw)

So good luck, lol.