Sunday, May 11, 2008

Countdown to Syttende Mai--Magne F

A-ha is the most popular band to come out of Norway and while the group has had much success over the years the individual band members are not without their individual aspirations. Each member of the band has engaged in his own side or solo projects both in and out of the music industry. This evening I would like to focus on Magne Furuholmen (also known as Mags or Magne F). He is not only a musician but an artist. His official website is an interesting one that is certainly worth visiting. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of "idle" time to waste as you navigate through the site--there is much to explore and it is fascinating in such a non-conventional manner.
Below are some videos, not just of music, but art and other random features.
In this video you may seem him working with glass and you also get to hear the Norwegian language:

This video is short and has some of his latest music as the background as it passes quickly through a project on which he was working:

And you may listen to his music here.
Well, we are now six days away from Syttende Mai. . . we shall begin to move away from music to other things Norwegian in the coming days! Ha det bra!

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