Sunday, May 4, 2008

Syttende Mai

Well, it is hard to believe but Syttende Mai is already fast approaching. Syttende Mai (May 17th) is Norway's Constitution Day--a day filled with festivities in the country as they celebrate their independence. I use it as a good excuse to bring friends together to enjoy good company and good food in celebration of my ancestors traditions. Usually I invite a few friends over for a Scandinavian meal and then invite even more friends over to enjoy the evening. This year, a friend is getting married on May 17th and the happy couple is having their reception that evening. As such, I shall have to forego the meal this year (sorry), but I am planning on having people over for Scandinavian desserts. So mark your calendars and head on over at 8 p.m. (that should give everyone ample time to stop by Chris and Mary's reception). If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Nicole Bullock said...

Speaking of friends, this will be a great time for any of you miss me to see ME. I'm coming into town for Chris and Mary's reception. And what a better way to spend the night before a day of frustrating standby travel then with Brett and the gang?!?