Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Countdown to Syttende Mai--Rosemaling

Please visit (some of the pictures below are from this site).

Rosmaling is a Norwegian folk painting style that has been passed down through the generations. One may find examples of Rosmaling dating back into the 1700s within houses and on artifacts that have been preserved over time. Rosemaling continues to be a popular art form in Norway and in countries such as the United States where there are Norwegian immigrants who have adopted the style. Often times, just as in the traditional costumes of the Norwegian people, the design may be traced to a particular region of the country. However, most designs are either universal or unique. There are plenty of books and websites that will teach both the history and the technique of the art form. This website will give you several links to different Rosemaling sites. It is interesting to learn about, view, and try one's own hand at Rosemaling. Some artists are really good (and when you try your own, you quickly realize that it is much more difficult than it looks--anyone who has been to my apartment can see an attempt I made on one of my grandparent's old barn windows, which is sitting in the entry way).

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